Wondering what a 0.3mm BGA looks like?

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January 9, 2017

Wondering what a 0.3mm BGA looks like?

Find out in this cool video!

YES !! It is black and rectangular in shape.
In this video we’re looking at the footprint which is usually gold and looks like a grid.

Etching the copper is a complex and imperfect process that requires correction of shorts identified during AOI process. We perform an automated optical inspection 100% on every inner layer.
Click the image to see our AOI in action!

In the video above, you’ll see an Orbotec AOI machine automatically locating the shorts and correcting them using laser ablation to burn the shorting copper.

Traditionally shorts found in the manufacturing process are corrected manually with a Xacto knife, but not in the case of a 0.3mm BGA.

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