• Up to 16 layers Rigid Flex
  • Sequential Laminations
  • HDI up to 8 layers
  • Flex with Air Gap
  • rigid_flex_pcb

  • Variety of Aluminum and Copper core in inventory
  • Heat transfer simulation and analysis
  • Multi layer MCPCB and thermal stitching

  • Press fit Copper Coin
  • Ultimate heat transfer channel
  • Variety of Forms & Configurations
  • copper_coin_pcb

  • Multi layer MCPCB constructions
  • Special stack ups to optimize heat transfer
  • Thermal vias in high aspect ratio

  • Number of layer can be reduced from 12 to 10 – saving 1 signal layer and one GND layer
  • Bring signal layers closer together and reduce inductance to ground
  • Reduce overall thickness of the board and reduce also the inductance of the PTH vias
  • hdi_pcb

  • Board finishes: HASL, LF HASL, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Flash Gold, Gold Fingers, OSP and ENEPIG.
  • Max panel size 23″ x 35″
  • Materials; FR-4 , High TG FR-4, Halogen Free, Rogers, Alron, Taconic, PTFE, Isola and more.

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