CAD Layout

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You do the concept schematics & we'll handle the rest!

Our CAD capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Library
  • Schematic Capture
  • Constraint Manager
  • Part Placement
  • Critical Routing
  • Finalized Design
  • Verification and Full Documentation.
  • Our Designers are CAD layout and PCB Manufacturing experts.

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    From the most demanding applications to simple prototypes - we make PCB simple!

    These are just some of the tools we use:

    This is why you should use Altus PCB CAD Layout Solutions:

    • Altus specializes in designing high performance Printed Circuit Boards (Layout) using the industry best software tools and practices. We offer our customers full design flow from schematics to a fully manufactured bare board.
    • Screen share reviews for every milestone.
    • Altus also developed in house tools to improve design for manufacturability to help our customer to reduce time to market.
    • We have 2 fully staffed design centers and we are able to turn PCB layout in 24 – 48 hours and provide 24/7 support.
    • We understand the rule of good solid communication and customer service during the development of a product and we strive to become an extension of your engineering group.

    What Our Customers Are Saying:

    • "Making the affordable investment working with Altus PCB gave us immediate access to expert PCB design engineers such as, Vinay, and a range of leading-edge mix and match fab solutions across the spectrum. As an Entrepreneur & Engineer myself, I enjoyed working with Zohar at the helm, who leads the teams with insightful ideas and comments on complex PCB matters with both expertise and a steady hand. Overall, the Altus staff was professional, courteous, ultra-competent, and ready willing and able to assist and advance our project at every turn. Kudos and thank you to Altus PCB for the fine work–here’s to the final push!"
      High Tech Cloud Computing 25 Gigabit Design Company - PA
    • "Altus PCB’s business model is optimal for a PCB supplier. Using local resources for customer service and daily interaction, design and engineering; while leveraging their worldwide manufacturing base of production partners. PCB’s are not all the same and ALTUS has the knowledge and ability to fit the unique aspects of each design to the capabilities of their manufacturing partners. Working with ALTUS has allowed us to streamline our vendor base. We consider ALTUS a strategic partner and we are a stronger company for it."
      Contract Manufacturer, MA
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