CAD Layout Capabilities

  • Altus specializes in designing high performance PCBs ( Layout) using the industry best software tools and practices. We offer our customers full design flow from schematics to a fully manufactured bare board.
  • Screen share reviews for every milestone.
  • Altus also developed in house tools to improve design for manufacturability to help our customer to reduce time to market.
  • We have 2 fully staffed design centers and we are able to turn PCB layout in 24 – 48 hours and provide 24/7 support.
  • We understand the rule of good solid communication and customer service during the development of a product and we strive to become an extension of your engineering group.


CAD Capabilities

Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Library
  2. Schematic Capture
  3. Constraint Manager
  4. Part Placement
  5. Critical Routing
  6. Finalized Design
  7.  Verification and Full Documentation.


Thinking about migrating your designs and libraries to the new PADS Integrated Project?

Let Altus-PCB Design Group help. We can do the work for you!

We will take each of your designs and perform the following tasks for you.

  • We will prepare your libraries and designs for migration.
  • Migrate your libraries to build one Central Library to simplify library management.
  • Migrate your PADS Schematic Design to the new version of xDX Designer.
  • Migrate your PCB design.
  • We will review the migration results, generate gerber data and compare them to the old gerber data.

So, if you are looking to migrate your designs to the new PADS Integration Project flow,

Let Altus-PCB do the Migration for you. We can even enter all of your design rules into the Constraint Manager.