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We make Complex PCB’s simple.

What we do Best

ALTUS PCB specializes in delivering high mix low volume PCBs.

  • End to End solutions – Schematics to Manufacture.
  • Competitive offshore pricing.
  • ISO and UL certified.
  • Pre-manufacturing engineering review including DFM and DRC domestically.
  • Flexible lead times and inventory programs.

Types of Boards we make:

  • Multilayer (Rigid) Max layer count 46
  • Rigid Flex / Flex
  • Metal Core (MCPCB)
  • Copper Coin

CAD Layout services

Full design flow from schematics to a fully manufactured bare board. Our design flow includes Schematics capture, library creation, verification and signal integrity.

*Up to $500 towards your first CAD design on us.

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Raw Materials

Materials List


Quality is a philosophy that is entrenched in all the layers of our organization. Quality products that are manufactured to meet or exceed our customer specifications and expectations are our number one value proposition.

Our organizations operational structure was developed and is continuously evolving through constant improvement in order to enhance the quality of our products.

Our quality control starts at the stage of manufacturing folder preparation through DFM and multiple visual and electronics inspection and test during the manufacturing process.