ALTUS PCB - Market we serve

ALTUS PCB specializes in delivering the high mix low volume PCBs, technical support, and service to OEM and EMS companies around the globe. We tailor our solutions to our customers while optimizing pricing, quality and delivery for each and every board. Altus PCB offers value added services to further reduce acquisition cost through consigned inventory, VMI, pay as you pull and other programs.


ALTUS PCB provides total Printed Circuit Board solutions from quick turn prototypes to mass production. We leverage our engineering, procurement track record and best in class manufacturers to deliver excellent service and quality products.


Communication is a major factor in our success. We communicate daily around the clock with our customers and manufacturers around the globe. We have offices in the U.S and in China. Our offices are staffed with administrative and technical professionals ready to accept your inquiry any time during the day.


  • Looking for a supplier with superior quality to manufacturer complex boards
  • Need to reduce your supplier base and focus on building partnerships
  • Want to optimize acquisition cost
  • Focus on reducing COGS
  • Looking for ways to reduce your working capital (cash exposure)
  • Require financially sound supplier for your lean manufacturing operations
  • Moving toward JIT

Share with us your short and long term goals. Our inventory programs, best in class manufacturers, and lean manufacturing experience are designed and ready to support you achieving your goals.

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